Beer Quiz Results

Answer Key:
Question 1. The correct answer is C.  In the middle ages, brewers in Bavaria noticed that their yeasts tended to stay at the bottom of the fermenting vessels, while early British brewers noticed that their yeasts rose to the top.  It turns out that the yeasts were different. The British ales are fermented with ale yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, while the Bavarian lagers are fermented with lager yeast, Saccharomyces uvarum.  Because of these differences in yeast, lagers and ales must be brewed at different temperatures and for different lengths of time.

Question 2. The correct answer is B.  Known as the oldest consumer protection law, the German Law of Purity in Beer specified that true beer could only be brewed with water, barley, and hops.  The yeast that caused fermentation would have occurred naturally.

Question 3. The correct answer is D.  Moderate levels of beer consumption (1 drink a day for women and 2 for men) have been correlated with lower levels of heart disease.  Also, studies of anti-oxidants have shown that the tannins in dark beers and certain teas can reduce the risk of cancer.  However, drinking in excess can be very bad for your health.  Alcohol is detoxified by the liver. When detoxifying large quantities of alcohol, the liver swells and its tissues are converted to fat.  This process can become irreversible; the liver ceases to function (cirrhosis), toxins build up and over time can lead to death.

Question 4. The correct answer is A.  Brewers use a process called malting on the barley that goes into the beer.  The barley is first allowed to sprout and is then placed in a kiln (a large fire-powered oven).  The temperature of the kiln and the length of time that the barley is cooked will affect the color of the beer that emerges.  The darker the malted barley, the darker the beer that will result from it.

Question 5. The correct answer is A.  A microbrewery is a brewery that produces fewer than fifteen thousand barrels of beer each year. This may sound like a lot, but keep in mind that large-scale brewers like Miller produce more than one hundred million barrels of beer in a year.

Question 6. The correct answer is B.  Anheuser-Busch is the largest beer manufacturer in the US and produces, Budweiser, Busch, Michelob, O’Doul’s, Rolling Rock, and Natural, as well as several specialty brews.  The company produces about 11 billion bottles of beer each year.

Question 7. The correct answer is C.  In the early 1850s the two major political parties were the Whigs and the Democrats.  The Whigs were against slavery but for prohibition.  The Democrats were for slavery but against prohibition.  Neither party appealed to the predominantly German immigrants who populated the Midwestern states. These individuals disliked the idea of slavery, but made a living brewing lager.  Therefore in March of 1854, a group of Wisconsin men started their own political party called the Republican Party which was against both slavery and prohibition.

Question 8. The correct answer is D.  Samuel Adams Triple Bock is the strongest beer in the world with 17% alcohol by volume. The strength is achieved by using champagne yeast which can tolerate higher levels of alcohol than normal beer yeast.

How beer savvy are you?

0-2 correct answers:  Miller Man.  You’re still a lightweight when it comes to beer knowledge.  Save your money and stick with a beer that comes in cans.

3-4 correct answers:  Ale Amateur.  Your beer IQ is higher than the average frat-boy, but you still have a ways to go.  Expand your knowledge by taking tours and tastings at your local micro-brewery.

5-6 correct answers:  Lager Lover.  You love beer and it shows in your ability to answer trivia about it.  If you haven’t already, put that knowledge into practice by trying your hand at a home brew.

7-8 correct answers:  Serious Snob.  If there were sommeliers for beer you would surely be one.  You can tell a stout from a bock in one sniff and would never consider drinking an IPA without at least 90 minutes under its belt.  Just don’t forget that beer drinking is supposed to be fun and not just an academic pursuit.

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