“The Weekly Boston Tip” Week of March 14th, 2011

by Katie Andrews

The Weekly Boston Tip: Look here for tips on navigating Boston’s fitness, wellness, and food market scene! Katie Andrews will provide a weekly idea to keep you busy – and well – in Boston.

Guess what this week is… National brussels sprout week? Kale?! Kohlrabi!!? Get your minds out of the veggie gutter everyone! It’s American Chocolate week!

This week’s tip includes some great places to get delicious chocolate in Boston.

Hotel Chocolat – 141A Newbury St, Back Bay – Some fancy chocolates in a fancy location
LA Burdick Chocolate Cafe – 52 Brattle St, Cambridge – The spot to visit if you like your chocolate hot
ChocoLee – 23 Dartmouth St, South End – Craving an eclair? Pay them a visit
Picco – 513 Tremont St, South End – If this cold weather doesn’t keep you away from the frozen treats, the homemade ice cream at Picco is a must. I personally recommend the Malt Chip, reminiscent of a Mounds bar with rich chocolate and cool coconut.



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