“The Weekly Boston Tip” Week of March 21st, 2011

by Katie Andrews

The Weekly Boston Tip: Look here for tips on navigating Boston’s fitness, wellness, and food market scene! Katie Andrews will provide a weekly idea to keep you busy – and well – in Boston.

Hanging around Boston for Spring Break?

Don’t let your lack of vacation plans get you down; you can vacation right here in town! Check out these fantastic cocktails to transport yourself to the ski slopes of Colorado, the beaches of Florida or the cobblestones of Italy!

(adapted from Boston.com)

– Wishing you had hit the slopes? Try the Elixir D’Auge at Bergamot in Somerville. Steamy and spicy, this snifter will warm you up on a chilly afternoon.
– Dreaming of soaking up the rays on the beach? Try the Skinny Gingerman at The Abbey in Brookline. This refreshing cocktail comes garnished with a fresh strawberry, reminding you of the summer months to come.
– Envious of your roommate’s European tour? Try one of the high end champagne cocktails at Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square. The Vin Amer Fizz boasts both a frothy egg white and a champagne float. Pair it with 1/2 dozen oysters at the bar and you might as well be sitting with Hemingway in Paris.



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