Friedman Community Calendar, March 2013

March events at Friedman (and other interesting places)

March 1st First Friday: Snack, drink & converse (or converse, snack & drink); 5- 7 p.m. @ Shojo, 9 Tyler Street (Chinatown)
March 6th Seminar series, Behrakis Auditorium @ 12:15 (topic to come)
March 13th Seminar series, Behrakis Auditorium @12:15; Nutrition, Sanitation and the Asian Enigma
March 18th – 22nd SPRING BREAK
March 21st – 22nd Washington D.C. Student/Alumni Networking Trip (sold out)
March 27th Town Hall meeting, Behrakis Auditorium @ 12:15 p.m.

April Sneak Peak

April 5th First Friday: details to come
April 6th 7th Annual Friedman Future of Food and Nutrition ConferenceDetails:
April 15th – 16th Consumer Federation of America’s National Food Policy Conference, Washington, D.C. (student rate available)Details:
April 19th – 22nd Friedman All Alumni ReunionStudents are invited to all activities, including alumni career panel, lunch & tour of HNRCA, and more.


April 27th Annual Brew Off, sponsored by Friedman Slow Foods; Time & Location to come

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