November Forever

Lovely Sprout Readers,

And here we are, once again in November.  Ahh November, a time of chestnuts and changing leaves, fennel and food conferences, and most of all, coming together to give gratitude for the farmers, butchers, animals and soil that make our favorite national holiday possible.  We’re excited to roll out a new feature on our site.  You’ll see at the top of this page a link for a “Calendar of Events.”  We’ll keep you updated on food events in and around Boston including those happening at Friedman.  If you want more information on an event, simply click on it and a box will pop up with more details.

Quite a bit has happened since our last issue.  You can read about the risky impacts the government shutdown had on food and nutrition programs in The Government Shutdown.  Its restart has brought some movement on this year’s Farm Bill and Making Sense of the Farm Bill will give you the latest on this omnibus legislation.  As far as Boston goes, we are once again World Series victors through a complete change of fate for the Red Sox.  Watching the victory parade beneath a bright red maple along the Charles could not have been more perfect on the 70-degree first day of November.

This issue we chose to feature Dr. Nicola McKeown and Dr. Lara Park, two Tufts graduates working in epigenetics.  And what is November without a warm cuppa and a sweet treat?  Our list of cafes near the Friedman campus and chocolate-dipped pumpkin seed brittle recipe will set you up for a long afternoon of studying or a relaxing time spent with friends; a lyric poem about TumTummins warns us about over-consumption, reminding us of the importance of moderation.  The Food Justice League has taken up residence here as well and will be enlightening us on pressing issues through the year.  The quote above truly speaks to us at Friedman as we share our time, thoughts and energy with the Tufts, Boston and global communities. There is no better time to cozy up to friends and family and share a dish or two than Thanksgiving, and Massachusetts is the seminal foundation for the grand food exchange.

We hope you enjoy this issue.  Let it be a respite from mid-terms, holiday planning, and the realization that it’s boots-and-hats time.

Much thanks,

Mimi and Amy
The Friedman Sprout Editors, Fall 2013

Inside this issue:

Policy Update

The Government Shutdown: What It Means for Food, Health, and Nutrition, by Samantha Ordonez.  Though we are in the wake of the federal shutdown, we can learn a lesson from the turmoil’s expansive effects on food safety and nutrition programs and what it could mean for this January.

Making Sense of the US Farm Bill, by Lindsey Webb.   This year’s Farm Bill has been on a windy Congressional path–get the scoop on what’s been going down in the past few months and the likelihood of signing the current bill into law.

Faculty Spotlight

Spotlight on Dr. Nicola McKeown, by Lara Goodrich Ezor.  The chair of the Nutritional Epidemiology program and newly promoted Associate Professor discusses her transatlantic education, research on whole grains at the HNRCA, and rising through the ranks at Tufts.

Alumna Spotlight

Spotlight on Dr. Lara Park, by Adrienne Roberts.  A newly-minted doctor, recent graduate Lara Park talks about where she hopes her postdoctoral work will take her.

Justice on the Table

Germinating Justice and Emerging Equity: Putting Justice on the Table, by Trisha Chakrabarti. “Justice on the Table” is a monthly feature written by students in the Friedman Justice League. In this first installment, we learn about the link between food justice and community sovereignty.

Restaurant Review

Commendable cafes near Friedman to warm you through winter, by Amy Elvidge.  Need a dose of java or a change of scenery?  Here are some excellent cafes to check out near the Friedman campus, whether you have 15 minutes or all afternoon.

Take A Bite Out of This

Chocolate-dipped Peanut Brittle, by Julianka Bell.  Let pumpkin seed brittle become part of your seasonal repertoire with this wonderful recipe.

Poems You Can Eat

TumTummins: A Seasonal Cautionary Tale, by Stephani Cook.  Vitamin-, mineral-, and nutrient-packed poetry for you and yours.  This time we’re cautioned against gluttony.  Warning: poetry is not actually edible.

The Grapevine

Calendar of Food Events
We’ve compiled a list of the best stuff happening in and around the city this month, including Friedman events, on our new Calendar of Events at the top of the page!  Check it out.

The Friedman Sprout is a monthly student run newspaper that aims to serve the student population at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, prospective students, and alumni. Our mission is to report on newsworthy information that affects the Friedman community including nutrition research, food policy, internship and volunteer opportunities, as well as school events. Our editorial slant is that of sustainability in food and nutrition.

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