December Remember

Dear Sprout Readers,

Where would we be if we hadn’t eaten well?  Both literally and metaphorically—at Friedman we love food above almost everything.  We prepare deliciously-nutritious lunches and snacks to power us through our days on campus, we host dinner parties with creative takes on obscure vegetables, we love our Thanksgiving potlucks and holiday bakeoffs, and most of all, we love to eat well and help others do the same.  At Friedman we know the importance and essentiality of eating well, right, and smart for our daily energy and future health.

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In this issue, our last of 2013, we take a look at the capability of New England to feed itself through the work of AFE Faculty, Chris Peters—specifically the capacity of local agriculture to meet food demands that change depending on dietary choices.  An interview with Jen Hashley of New Entry Sustainable Farming Project and a chicken processor herself is the perfect example of Peters’s work in local sustainable agriculture.  To round out our look at sustainable agriculture this month, we learn what New England farms are doing to stay resilient through the coming winter season.

At the US level, the government has taken the initiative to help citizens eat better through its recent ban on trans fats.  Additionally, the Friedman Student Justice League sheds light on the SNAP challenge they are hosting this month with vignettes of people in our community who are affected by public nutrition programs like SNAP and WIC.  And when it comes to feeding the world, we get an update on Tufts controversial Golden Rice Study.

And what’s the best accompaniment to your Sprout reading?  A healthy and affordable (vegan) take on the Pumpkin Spice Latte, to be sipped whilst learning about behavioral clues that affect your appetite and dietary choices or while reading a holiday ode to bike lanes in wintertime.  Two reviews finish our issue: a restaurant review of a trendy new outpost for palate- and ear-pleasing in Harvard Square and a review of The Wine Bottega in Boston’s North End.  And for the first time ever, we will feature an anonymously-penned op-ed that discusses how a special ingredient might help improve social and networking events at Friedman (comments encouraged!).

Have a wonderful holiday season full of eating well and all of its wonderful accompaniments. We’ll see you in the new year.


Amy and Mimi

Inside this issue:

Policy & Science Research

FDA’s Proposed Trans Fat Ban and Potential Environmental Impacts, by Barbara Patterson.  The FDA proposed removing GRAS status for partially hydrogenated oils, the major source of trans fats in American diets.  This may have repercussions for the environment and global greenhouse gas emissions if the move prompts industries to switch to palm oil.

Golden Rice Study Investigation Update; Next Steps for GMO Research, by Kira Wohland. As the dust settles following the investigation of a controversial study at Tufts, larger questions about the ethics and public health implications of the production of genetically engineered crops remain.

Nutrition News: Filters, Fantasy Football, and Freezers, by Sheryl Lynn Carvajal. What do these three have to do with health and nutrition? Perhaps more than you think.


Op-Ed: Over a Glass of Wine.  An anonymously-penned piece.  Do you agree that this ingredient might help improve social and networking events at Friedman?  Comments welcomed.


Winter Brings Change and Innovation to Massachusetts Farms, by Lara Goodrich Ezor. When temperatures drop, New England farms have traditionally scaled down, reduced harvests and laid off seasonal workers. But increasingly, local farms are adapting and finding ways to provide employment to workers and local food to consumers year-round.

Mobile Poultry Processing Units Offer Viable Slaughter Option For Small Farmers in Massachusetts, by Lindsey Webb. Specific laws allow farmers to process chickens, turkeys, and other poultry in their own communities but mobile processing units, while convenient for farmers, are not viable all the time due to a variety of factors.  Jennifer Hashley from New Entry Sustainable Farming Project helps explain.

Faculty Spotlight

Spotlight on Dr. Christian Peters, by Liana Przygocki. The Sprout sits down for an interview with AFE assistant professor Dr. Chris Peters to discuss his research, new course offering, and coffee habits. We learn what a foodshed is and how to prepare for a research-focused career.

Justice on the Table

Getting by on a Food Stamp Budget: Stories from the Friedman Community, by Rebecca Boehm. “Justice on the Table” is a monthly feature written by students in the Friedman Justice League. This month is Part One of a series that follows Friedman community members’ experiences with programs like SNAP and WIC.


Restaurant Review: Beat Hôtel (Yes, that place with the weird “O”), by Kari Kempf. With a kitchen open until midnight or later, trendy ambiance, libations and lamb nachos—oh, and live music—there’s a good chance you could spend your whole evening at Beat Hôtel.

Review: North End’s The Wine Bottega: Defending “Real Wine”, by Katie Occhipinti. A neighborhood favorite specializes in natural wines, a refreshing philosophy in boutique wine stores.

Take A Bite Out of This

Recipe: Make Way For the Great(er) Pumpkin Spice Latte, by Mimi DelGizzi.  This (vegan) recipe jumps on the PSL bandwagon and it’s a smooth, smooth ride.

Poems You Can Eat

Winter Bike Lane: A Lovesong, by Stephani Cook.  Vitamin-, mineral-, and nutrient-packed poetry for you and yours.  Here’s an ode to a little-appreciated part of Boston roads.  Warning: poetry is not actually edible.

The Grapevine

Calendar of Food Events
We’ve compiled a list of the best stuff happening in and around the city this month, including Friedman events, on our Calendar of Events link at the top of the page. Click an event on the calendar for more details.

The Friedman Sprout is a monthly student run newspaper that aims to serve the student population at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, prospective students, and alumni. Our mission is to report on newsworthy information that affects the Friedman community including nutrition research, food policy, internship and volunteer opportunities, as well as school events. Our editorial slant is that of sustainability in food and nutrition.

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