Friedman in Photo: Pumpkins, Cider, and Gourds – Oh My!

by Mimi DelGizzi

On Tuesday, October 21st, Friedman students convened in the Jaharis Cafe for some much-needed relaxation and an opportunity to wax their creative sides. The Friedman Sprout was there to document both the creativity and merriment of the occasion.

Photo 1

A few weeks ago, the Friedman Student Council collaborated with Slow Food Tufts to debut the first Pumpkin Party.

Photo 3

A plethora of ciders (Honeycrisp, too!) helped create the festive atmosphere.

Photo 2

Pumpkin-flavored treats, delicious cheeses and candy corn were served. (Candy corn’s a vegetable, right?)

Photo 14

Photo 5

Tiny pumpkins and adorable, awkward-shaped gourds adorned tables at the party.

Photo 13

Second-year Nisha shows off her masterpiece.

Photo 11

Emily cradles a pumpkin au natural.






Photo 7

Students to try their hands at decoupage.

Photo 9

Decoupage is a fancy French term for cutting out pictures from magazines and brushing globs of glue on them. Hi, kindergarten. We’ve missed you.










Photo 12

Second-years Lara, Ravdeep, and Emily are besties. Besties who decoupage together.

Photo 8

Well-attended, the celebration ushered in mid-term season at Friedman and offered a much-appreciated respite from studying.

Photo 18

Perhaps some Friedman students found their callings in the art of pumpkin decorating.

Mimi DelGizzi is a third-year MS/MPH student preparing to graduate at the end of this semester. She congratulates all of her fellow Fall 2014 semester graduates.


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