The 30-Second Study Circuit

by Justin Zabinski

Midterm season is upon us, which means gym time is inhibited by endless hours of studying and writing papers. According to a study done by the American Diabetes Association, it is important to take breaks during prolonged sedentary intervals, and it is suggested to do some sort of physical activity during breaks. This is when the 30-Second Circuit can be used!

No equipment is necessary; body weight and gravity are all you need. The workout consists of a warm-up followed by the main circuit. Each exercise in the warm-up is done 10 times, while each exercise in the circuit is done for 30 seconds. It will only take you between 10 to 15 minutes to complete, enough time to stimulate more focus needed to continue studying and completing assignments! If you are unfamiliar with any exercise, please view tutorials on YouTube, or I can personally show you how to do them. Along with the circuit comes another hip hop workout mix – enjoy!


Toe-Touch Deep Squats x10

Dead Bugs x10 (Right Arm/Left Leg then Left Arm/Right Leg)

Bird Dogs x10 (Right Arm/Left Leg then Left Arm/Right Leg)

Inchworms x10 (Added challenge: do a push-up when you get into the push-up position of the inchworm)

The 30-Second Circuit

Mountain Climbers

Leg Raises

Jump Lunges/Jump Squats (Alternate stances if you do the jump lunges)


Stutter Steps

Burpees (Added challenge à do a push-up when you get into the push-up position of the burpee)



OutKast – Hey Ya!

Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell Williams – Drop It Like It’s Hot

Aaliyah – Try Again

Naughty by Nature – Hip Hop Hooray

LL Cool J – Headsprung

Sean Paul – Get Busy

Missy Elliott – Work It

Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance

Coolio – Fantastic Voyage

Jay Z & Linkin Park – Numb/Encore

Justin Zabinski is a BMN master’s candidate and a personal trainer who enjoys DJing. His main aspiration is to become a leader in developing nutrition and exercise regimens for professional athletes. 

The Friedman Sprout is a monthly student run newspaper that aims to serve the student population at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, prospective students, and alumni. Our mission is to report on newsworthy information that affects the Friedman community including nutrition research, food policy, internship and volunteer opportunities, as well as school events. Our editorial slant is that of sustainability in food and nutrition.

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