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Fall Semester at the Friedman Student Council

by Michelle Borges with David Grist

Hello from your Friedman Student Council! Despite our best efforts to communicate through all available channels, we often hear from students that they don’t know what student council does. Naturally, The Sprout seemed like an ideal place to post a summary of our activities so far this year.

The Friedman Student Council has had a busy semester planning events, fundraisers and facilitating communication between students, faculty and alumni. This semester, council is composed of 13 students and led by David Grist and Kristine Caiafa.

A large fraction of council funds support student group-led events each year. This fall, the council allocated nearly $1,800 to support farm tours, skill shares, documentary screenings and other scholarly activities. The council also plans social events that aim to bring greater cohesion to the Friedman community.

Social chairs Ally Gallop and Julia Kelly developed this semester’s eventful social calendar, including a brewery tour, coffee breaks, a karaoke party, a happy hour and more. Ally and Julia are also leading a project to create a cookbook comprised of recipes submitted by Friedman students – think a Friedman-style yearbook.

As the Friedman Alumni Association Representatives, Buki Owoputi, Corey O’Hara and Alex Simas collaborate with the Friedman Alumni Association to coordinate events and help voice student interests. This semester they helped coordinate a career panel for students and the upcoming toast to finals on December 4.

Serving as first-year representatives, Shinjia Shi and Ben Chipkin work on integrating first-year students into the Friedman community. Among the plans they currently have in the works is a bowling outing for first- and second-year students at Flatbread Pizza Company in Davis. They are also coordintating with other first year students to plana student ski trip to take place early in the spring semester.

12291273_10156084793640478_4211824103657531542_oTreasurer Matt Allan tracks student council funds and organizes fundraising events like the Fall Fundraiser currently underway. Perhaps you’ve seen the table in the Jaharis Atrium where Student Council members are selling Friedman aprons, chocolate, coffee, and other sundry equal exchange goods. These make great holiday gifts and the proceeds go directly back into supporting student led initiatives. Since Matt has a graphic design background, he also developed the Friedman t-shirt currently for sale at TeeSpring.

As Curriculum and Development representatives, Katherine Pett and Reem Al Sukait meet with faculty monthly to discuss and represent the student body’s opinion on plans for current and future Friedman curriculum.

The council strives to support student feedback in a variety of ways. This semester Caroline Nathan and Ashish Pokharel hosted “Friedman Feedback,” a focus group-style session that sought feedback on a range of topics. Additionally, the council welcomes any student to attend council meetings, email us at, add our Trunk page to view meeting minutes or submit comments via the online comment box or the physical comment box in the Jaharis café.

That is a quick wrap-up of what the Friedman Student Council has been up to this semester. We look forward to continuing our efforts in the spring!

Michelle Borges is the secretary for the Friedman Student Council.

David Grist is co-chair of the Friedman Student Council.

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