A Super Start to National Nutrition Month

It’s Super Tuesday! And it’s also the start of March, which is National Nutrition Month, an important time for nutritionists, nutrition advocates, and nutrition fanatics alike. This month, we’re taking a close look at controversial topics in nutrition policy, food science, and health. But don’t worry, we’ve also come back with a great recommendation for where to go out to eat in Boston.

First up, Michelle Borges gives us an update on what the Student Council has in store for the rest of the year. Then Katherine Pett asks the Friedman community a simple question: Why aren’t we taking better advantage of the Brown Bag Lunch series? It is a great opportunity to meet Friedman faculty. Hear her out, and you may want to attend one yourself.

Just in time for National Nutrition Month, Marissa Donovan tackles the hottest research out of the HNRCA about the calorie content of Mom-and-Pop and independently-owned restaurants. Hint: The calories are plentiful. Emily Nink covers the proposed standards for SNAP eligibility, which would restrict retailers from accepting SNAP dollars unless they meet nutrition standards.

Nutrition isn’t just about what you eat, it’s about what you throw away. Ally Gallop writes about egregious food waste in the United States and how you can stretch a food’s viability (and your pocketbook) by reinterpreting the expiration date, with a focus on milk.

Of course, a nutrition month isn’t complete without National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day! Wait, registered what? Katelyn Castro unpacks the difference between a nutritionist, a dietitian, and a dietitian nutritionist and gives you the scoop on who you should go to with nutrition queries.

If you’re still going strong on your New Year’s resolutions, congratulations! But are you hydrating correctly for your marathon training? Katie Mark explains the importance of, and science behind, proper hydration for exercise. And if you’re searching for your next exercise routine, we’ve got you covered.  Justin Zabinski has a workout that’s bringing sexy back.

Finally, Julia Sementelli tells us about her treat of a trip to Tasting Counter and shares her stellar food photography!

Enjoy this month’s Sprout and have a Happy National Nutrition Month!

Matt & Katherine

In this issue:

Student Council Student Group Update

by Michelle Borges

The Friedman Student Council began this semester by reviewing funding requests from Friedman student groups. Each semester, the council receives funding from the Friedman School and raises additional funds to support student group activities and to plan other events that bring the Friedman community together.

Take Advantage of Brown Bag Lunches

by Katherine Pett

Frequently, on Tuesdays at noon, professors come to a classroom in Jaharis to eat lunch by themselves. Oh wait, did I say by themselves? I meant with students of the Friedman School. However, brown bag lunches are often sparsely attended. But, I am here to convince you to take advantage of these opportunities to meet your professors!

Non-Chain Restaurants Tip the Scales

by Marissa Donovan

New research out of the Friedman School and the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (HNRCA) shows chain restaurants aren’t the only ones serving up excessive portions to diners.

FNS Proposes Stricter Standards for SNAP Retailer Eligibility

by Emily Nink

A proposed rule by the Food and Nutrition Service aims to close loops in retailers’ eligibility to accept SNAP benefits. Public comments on the rule are open until April 16, 2016.

Expired Milk, or Is It? Whimsical Expiration Dates and Real Life Food Waste

by Ally Gallop, RD, CDE

Every year in the United States roughly 40 percent of the food and beverages produced go to waste. Not only are perfectly fine items being trashed, households are losing on average $1,560 to $2,275 annually! In 2013, the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) and the National Resources Defense Council co-published a comprehensive report outlining American food waste secondary to arbitrarily set food and beverage expiration dates. Three years later, the FLPC released a brief video appealing to the masses on the same topic. So do you know what the expiration dates on your foods really mean?

Celebrating Nutrition Experts in the Community- National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day!

by Katelyn Castro

Dietitians, Nutritionists, Registered Dietitian Nutritionists: what’s the deal with all these titles? March 9th marks Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day, a special day recognized by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Along with clarifying the confusing names used for nutrition experts, this day is meant to recognize the important role of registered dietitians in improving the health of patients and the community through food and nutrition. First let’s clear up the difference between a nutritionist and a registered dietitian nutritionist.

How to Grab the Right Drink and Properly Hydrate for Exercise

by Katie Mark

I used to force myself to hydrate during training, and I learned (the hard way) that hydration is crucial to an athlete’s optimal performance. As a tennis player, road cyclist, and recreational boxer, I’ve found a major difference in my ability to sustain endurance and intensity during workouts when properly hydrated. There’s nothing worse than quitting a marathon, getting dropped on a ride, or stopping practice because of dehydration. Why? Because you can prevent it. 

How About Them Glutes? Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Backside

by Justin Zabinski

The backside (a.k.a. the gluteal muscles) is talked about quite often in the fitness world.

Tasting Counter: A Local, Gourmet Experience

by Julia Sementelli

Located in a warehouse in Somerville, and sharing its space with a coffee roaster, chocolate maker, and brewery is an eatery that, at first, seems out of place. Following the signs directing me to 14 Tyler Street, I find myself in room with a flurry of white coats and black dresses as three chefs and three maître d’s bustle around.  Service flows as beautifully as if choreographed.

The Friedman Sprout is a monthly student run newspaper that aims to serve the student population at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, prospective students, and alumni. Our mission is to report on newsworthy information that affects the Friedman community including nutrition research, food policy, internship and volunteer opportunities, as well as school events. Our editorial slant is that of sustainability in food and nutrition.

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