Build a Healthy Plate this April with The Sprout

No April Fooling around, The Sprout is back with new stories on how you, and your presidential candidates, can work toward creating healthy and sustainable plates.

First up, Kathleen Nay responds to the popular Medium post “How Millennials Faked the Food Movement” with her own brilliant response, “Dear Millennials: The Movement Is What We Make It.”

In food policy, Carla Curle covers the 2016 presidential candidates: what are their positions on agriculture and how can we vote in our best interests?  Sarah Chang joins the conversation with student perspectives on Foodways. And Micaela Young explains why we should learn from the ill-fated war on fat and realize that demonizing sugar is not the answer.

On the nutrition front, Melissa Hudec muses on her experience as a part-time Paleo dieter, Connie Ray examines the therapeutic effects of practicing yoga for Type II Diabetes, and Katelyn Castro lets us know how to get the most nutrition from food by creating food pairings that maximize nutrient absorption.

In a first for The Sprout, Matt Moore contributes a video game review with an ag-centric take on the hot new game Stardew Valley.

And finally, Marissa Donovan provides a recipe for inside-out, vegan burgers. But that’s not all Marissa has been doing for The Sprout. She officially joined the staff this semester as our first ever Contributing Editor and has been a social media savior. Check out her work on Twitter at our account @friedmansprout and on our Facebook page. Thanks to Marissa, we are reaching more eyeballs than ever before.

Enjoy this issue and the real start of spring,

Matt & Katherine

In this issue:

Dear Millennials: The Movement Is What We Make It

by Kathleen Nay

Millennials get a bad rap, even when it comes to their choices around food. Is this negativity really deserved?

Coming to a Presidential Candidate’s Plate Near You

by Carla Curle

With the presidential race narrowing down and the delegate counts ratcheting up for the top candidates, it still seems that food and agriculture policy are missing in the stump speeches and media interviews.

Friedman Explores Foodways

by Sarah Chang

From February 22-26, 2015 the Friedman Justice League (FJL) sponsored a week of storytelling, discussion, and reflection on issues of food justice in the world, country, and Friedman campus.

Lessons From the Anti-Fat Movement: Why Waging a War Against Sugar is Not the Answer

by Micaela Young

Blaming sugar for the obesity epidemic is tempting, but making it a target of public and policy concern may create unwarranted fear and an increased demand for sugar-free and sugar substitute products, steering us down an all too familiar—and perhaps even unhealthier—road.

Protein and Peppers: The Positives of Part-time Paleo

by Melissa Hudec

The year is 2014. I’m about to cook my Paleo breakfast, made up of foods that my ancestors would have eaten. And just as my hunter-gatherer ancestors did thousands of years ago, I pull out my $400 Kitchen Aid, fire up my gas stove, and whip up some ‘Paleo’ pancakes. I mean, I used 100% pure maple syrup and nut flour, so it falls within the Paleo rules, right?

Yoga: Treatment for Type II Diabetes?

by Connie Ray

Scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram feed, you might think yoga is just another avenue for the uber fit and flexible to show off their hot bods at the beach. But research has consistently shown yoga helps improve mood, reduce stress, and increase strength and flexibility.

Perfect Pairings: Food Combinations with a Nutritional Boost

by Katelyn Castro

Pooh and Piglet, Batman and Robin, Nemo and Dory– these classic duos bring out the best in each another. They’re good characters on their own, but they’re just naturally better together, complementing each other’s personalities.  Surprisingly, the same holds true for some food pairs.

Video Gaming Meets Agriculture in Stardew Valley

by Matt Moore

If you’re at all attuned to the world of video games, you’ve surely heard of the latest game burning up the Steam charts: Stardew Valley. With early comparisons to the Harvest Moon franchise, I thought it would be fun to play and offer a review in the perspective of an agriculture student based on farm strategy and mechanics. A week into the game, my character was broke and friendless and had encountered wizards and slime monsters, which is when I realized the game is way more RPG than farm simulator.

Inside-Out, Vegan Burgers

by Marissa Donovan

This easy and versatile veggie burger recipe is great for using up leftover vegetables, but you don’t have to sacrifice on flavor.

The Friedman Sprout is a monthly student run newspaper that aims to serve the student population at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, prospective students, and alumni. Our mission is to report on newsworthy information that affects the Friedman community including nutrition research, food policy, internship and volunteer opportunities, as well as school events. Our editorial slant is that of sustainability in food and nutrition.

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