Showered with Stories

Another month has come and gone, and wow – Friedman students have been busy! If it’s not clear from the bags under our eyes (Sleep? What’s that?), it should be obvious from the thirteen articles submitted by students for this issue. March brought us four nor’easters, one of which derailed travel plans for quite a few Friedmanites on Spring Break who made it down for the annual DC trip. But, we made it back in full force and now we’re looking dead ahead to April.

Here’s a little taste of what Friedman’s been up to…

Laura Barley and friends took a weekend trip to Vermont to experience the sweet, sweet joys of making Grade A ‘Fancy’ Vermont maple syrup. It’s the real deal, and there are pictures to prove it.

Sam Jones attended the 6th Annual Massachusetts Urban Farming Conference and learned from educators and practitioners whose work supports urban farming initiatives across the state.

Jessica Manly has been de-stressing in the kitchen with an unusual ingredient…. crickets? I’ll say no more about that… you’ll have to read on find out what she did with them!

Nako Kobayashi took some time to hang out in someone else’s kitchen this month. She interviewed Sarah Lynn, a Boston-based Instagram influencer and gluten-free baker extraordinaire. If your mouth isn’t watering yet, just wait until you see these donuts… (and those cookies, omg).

Megan Maisano sets out to bust some myths this month by addressing common misconceptions consumers have about the many confusing labels that adorn our food packaging.

For the Policy Corner, Emily Cavanaugh summarizes a recent report by the Greater Boston Food Bank that enumerates the hidden costs of hunger in Massachusetts. While some of the numbers are staggering, Emily makes recommendations for advocates who want to see food insecurity addressed as the public health issue it is.

In “local” Friedman news, Student Council co-chairs Danielle Krobath, Ellie Griep, and Silvia Berciano Benitez give us an overview of the recent Town Hall meeting, share the progress Student Council has made over the past year, and outline future plans. Have something to share with Student Council? Be sure to reach out – they want to hear from you!

Every year, thousands converge on Boston to watch athletes in prime form run the Boston Marathon. This year, one of Friedman’s own – Sara Scinto – will be among the marathoners running to win! Darcy McDonough caught up with her and Megan Maisano, another Boston Marathon veteran, to detail the intense training and diet regimens that help prepare athletes to be their best.

Got internships on your mind? It’s almost summer, which means many first years are scrambling to figure out what their summers will hold. In this issue, Molly Knudsen shares how she scored the internship of her dreams working on the Today Show with Joy Bauer, and how that experience continues to inspire her.

April Dupee gets in the spirit of spring by spicing up her meals with delicious fresh herbs. Check out these six yummy-sounding recipes for some flavor that will brighten even the chilliest of days (for when spring just isn’t quite warm enough yet…)

The SirtFood Diet is the latest craze to overtake the UK and is promoted by Brit celebs like Adele and Pippa. But what is it? And does the science behind it have any merit? Erin Child takes a look at this new-ish food fad from “across the pond” and tells us what she thinks.

In case you missed it: the Friedman Sprout recently did something we’ve never done before! Editors Hannah Meier and Kathleen Nay had the wild idea to take the Sprout offline, by inviting food media professionals – in print journalism, radio, television, and PR – to speak to students about what careers in media look like and why communication skills are so important in crafting the narrative of our food systems. Hannah gives a recap.

Finally, Liz Learned encourages to take a break from the books by getting out to explore the city. Here, she details the ten best food events happening in Boston this spring. After all, there are only so many hours in the day – do you really need to spend the whole afternoon on regression? 🙂

Enjoy the coming sunshine (we trust that it’s coming), and happy reading, friends.

Kathleen Nay & Hannah Meier

In this issue…

Pure Vermont maple syrup
Pure Vermont maple syrup

Tales from the Sugar Bush: Friedman Takes a Trip to the Heart of Vermont’s Maple Kingdom

by Laura Barley

The maple syrup harvest has been a tradition in New England for centuries, and this March six Friedman students had the chance to help fellow student Hannah Kitchel’s family in their spring ritual.



The Transformative Power of Urban Food Systems

by Sam Jones

Last month, the Massachusetts Urban Farming Conference came to Boston for its sixth year. Topics ranged from bee colonies and school gardens to hydroponics and the farm bill. A synopsis of issues relating to food access to youth incarceration can be found here, while the entire list of topics and more event information can be found online.


Cricket Pancakes by Jessica (Photo: Jessica Manly)
Cricket Pancakes by Jessica Manly

Cricket Pancakes (CrickCakes): A New Way to Eat Your Greens

by Jessica Manly

A growing movement of nutritionists, sustainability researchers, activists, and alternative foodies are calling edible insects the food group of the future. In America, one of the biggest hurdles remains how to get people to take a bite. These simple blender pancakes are an easy, delicious way to dip your toe into the radical world of entomophagy.


Chocolate chip cookies by Sarah Lynn
Chocolate chip cookies by Sarah Lynn

Gluten-Free or Not, You’ll Want to Try Sarah Lynn’s Desserts

by Nako Kobayashi

Gone are the days that having food restrictions means you have to resort to eating lesser versions of your favorite treats. Gluten-free dessert cookbook author Sarah Lynn develops dessert recipes that are both food restriction-friendly and delicious. The Sprout sat down with this Boston-based Instagram influencer to learn how she developed her successful food business.



Grocery Grocery supermarket. Source: pexels.com
Grocery supermarket. Source: pexels.com

Food Label Fear Mongering and it’s “Toxic” Effects

by Megan Maisano

You know it’s hard out here for a processed food. These days, most consumers want to know what’s in their food and how it’s processed. While that may sound promising towards improving food choices and overall health, it also might be contributing to a culture of fear-mongering and food discrimination – none of which is helpful. This month, Megan Maisano investigates common marketing strategies employed by food manufacturers that result in unnecessary fear, doubt, and confusion in the minds of consumers.


Policy Corner: The $2.4 Billion Cost of Hunger

by Emily Cavanaugh

In February of this year, the Greater Boston Food Bank released a report on the hidden costs of hunger and food insecurity in Massachusetts. For the Policy Corner this month, Emily Cavanaugh reports on what the report’s findings mean for public health policy in the Commonwealth.


Friedman Town Hall
Friedman Town Hall

Celebrating Successes in Friedman Student Life, Making Plans for Further Progress

by Danielle Krobath, Ellie Griep, and Silvia Berciano Benitez

As the 2017-18 academic year comes to a close, Student Council reflects on changes to student life and the Friedman community the year brought. In Town Hall seminar in March, we shared the results of the Student Feedback Survey to foster a conversation between students and the deans to concerns and set goals for the upcoming academic year.


Sara Scinto preparing for the Boston Marathon
Sara Scinto preparing for the Boston Marathon

I Don’t Know About You, but Friedman’s Feeling 26.2: Tips from Two Jumbos on Preparing for the Boston Marathon

by Darcy McDonough

April in Boston means warmer weather, the return of the Red Sox, and of course, the Boston Marathon.  The iconic 26.2-mile race from Hopkinton to the Boylston Street finish line is the oldest annual marathon in the world.  On Monday, April 16th, 30,000 runners will take on the 122ndrunning of the marathon, while 500,000 spectators cheer them on.  Last year, second-year Friedman student Megan Maisano completed this grueling endurance challenge for the third time, and this year, one of those runners will be second-year student, Sara Scinto.  We caught up with both of them to find out how they train, fuel, and fundraise for the big day!


Molly Knudsen at the internship of a lifetime!
Molly Knudsen at the internship of a lifetime!

Nebraska to New York

by Molly Knudsen

Molly shares her journey of how she went from a kid watching the Today Show before school to ending up on the set in NBC Studios at Rockefeller Plaza ten years later.  Read on to see how TV, nutrition, and the Friedman School all played an integral role in a career-shaping experience for Molly.





Chives in oil. Image: Hirsheimer Hamilton.
Chives in oil. Image: Hirsheimer Hamilton.

Spring for Fresh Herbs

by April Dupee

After spending a long New England winter bundled up and hibernating from the cold, spring is finally here! As the days get longer, the ground begins to thaw and trees start to bloom. This is the perfect time to lighten up your cooking with fresh ingredients.


What is the SirtFood Diet?

by Erin Child

The Sirtfood Diet is popular in the United Kingdom, but hasn’t caught on in the United States (yet). The diet claims to activate sirtuins, so called “skinny genes,” that work in the body to reverse the effects of aging and help the dieter lose weight. To activate sirtuins, the dieter builds their meals out of “sirtfoods,” including red wine and dark chocolate, hence the diet’s popularity. Although the diet isn’t popular on this side of the pond, NICBC student Erin Child has decided to learn more about the diet (and its founders and followers), just in case we, as nutrition professionals, start getting questions.


Friedman Media Panel March Event
Friedman Media Panel March Event

Write, Speak, Tell Stories: The Sprout Media Panel Recap

by Hannah Meier

It was August 6th, 2017—a month before the start of the semester and Kathleen was showing me the ropes of editorial duties over local beer at Area-4, a restaurant just down the road from Jaharis. We went over timelines, passwords and account names, and shared our hopes and dreams for the coming year. One thing we both agreed on: We wanted to make a bigger impact within the Friedman community. Our big idea? Bring The Sprout offline.


Boston Food trucks downtown at an event
Boston Food trucks downtown at an event

The Top 10 Boston Food Events of Spring 2018

by Liz Learned

Attention: Do you love food? Are you looking for fun events to attend in the Boston area this spring? If your answers are yes and yes, then I’ve got good news for you! I’ve searched high and low to compile a list of the top 10 can’t-miss Boston food events this spring. This wide range of food-festivals has something for everyone. Whether you’re tight on cash or an avid charity-donor, a vegetarian or a meat-lover, you’ll find something to add to your calendar!

The Friedman Sprout is a monthly student run newspaper that aims to serve the student population at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, prospective students, and alumni. Our mission is to report on newsworthy information that affects the Friedman community including nutrition research, food policy, internship and volunteer opportunities, as well as school events. Our editorial slant is that of sustainability in food and nutrition.

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