Question: Can I receive academic credit for regularly writing contributions to The Sprout?

Answer: Not usually.  The Sprout offers a ½ credit Directed Study for the editor positions, which is available each semester.  However, extensive involvement beyond writing contributions may be eligible for a Directed Study. Registration is during normal enrollment period, and the faculty advisor is Sara Folta.  Please contact the editors for further instructions and paperwork by emailing friedmansprout@gmail.com


Question: Can I submit just one article to The Sprout?

Answer: Yes, all students are welcome to submit articles to friedmansprout@gmail.com. We acknowledge that students are doing a vast array of different projects for various classes, and we encourage students to draw on their research for Sprout articles. We would love to highlight your work, and share the knowledge with the Friedman community.


Question: If I publish an article in the Sprout can I still use it somewhere else?

Answer: Certainly. The Sprout is not just a newspaper, it’s also an educational tool. By submitting an article and going through the editing and revision process you will (hopefully) learn how to improve your writing and walk away with a writing sample you can be proud of. You are welcome to use this article as a “clip,” to impress editors when you send in query letters or submit the article itself to another publication. However, we ask that if you are writing for The Sprout that you do not publish pieces intended for The Sprout on any personal blogs or in other locations prior to The Sprout’s publication of your story.


Question: If I find a problem in an article or have a comment, what should I do?

Answer: The Sprout publishes corrections in each edition. To submit a correction, please email friedmansprout@gmail.com. Feel free to tell us about problems you find in our articles, issues you have with our coverage, or praise for what we’re doing right. You are also welcome to leave comments on-line. There is a Comments link associated with each article.


Question: I want to be an editor, how can I do that?

Answer: Editorial jobs are reserved for Friedman students and are typically chosen at the end of the academic year or between terms.  Please email the current editors for more information.


Question: I have a question you haven’t addressed here, how can I find the answer?

Answer: Email your question to friedmansprout@gmail.com. We’re happy to answer it. Or come to our monthly meetings to learn about future issues and the editing process.

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