Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines
The Friedman Sprout accepts submissions from all Friedman students.  Due to constraints within our editorial calendar, we may delay publishing a submission if we deem it appropriate for a future issue. We reserve the right to file all submissions for up to 12 months after the date submitted.

Prior to submitting a query, consider emailing the editors to check the current editorial calendar.  The Friedman Sprout typically plans issues one month in advance of publication.

The Friedman Sprout prefers query letters prior to submitting a fully developed article.  Please consider that if you submit a completed article, it may be edited extensively before publishing, or you may be asked to make changes to the article, such as further interviews or covering another angle of the story.

If you choose to submit a query letter please include the following:

  • Your planned headline and opening sentence, known as the lead. Please try to write an interesting, engaging lead, as this will show that your idea is thought out and will appeal to our readers.
  • An outline of your story, including any potential sidebars, image ideas, and estimated length.
  • List of potential sources, including people you might interview (especially if you have secured the interviews already).
  • A reason why your story is “newsworthy.”  Is it covering ground-breaking research?  A change in policy that will affect lots of people?  Or is it newsworthy because of its appeal to your readers?
  • Finally, please tell us why you should be the writer for this article. You don’t have to be an expert; the editorial board would like to see that you are interested in this particular topic so we know that you will write an informative, engaging article.

Please submit your queries and articles by email WITHOUT attachments to

Guidelines for Completed Articles
The Friedman Sprout encourages articles on a range of topics within food policy, food, agriculture, nutrition, physical activity, or health.

We acknowledge that students are doing a vast array of different projects for various classes, and we encourage students to draw on their research for Sprout articles.  We would love to highlight your work, and share your knowledge with the Friedman community.

We accept a variety of formats, whether researched feature articles, Q-and-A interviews, or brief news briefs.  General length guidelines:

Research articles, feature articles: 1000-1200 words

News briefs, restaurant reviews, other articles: 500 – 800 words

We strongly encourage at least one accompanying photograph, table, graph, or illustration to increase visual appeal of the article.


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