Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines & Timeline
The Friedman Sprout accepts submissions from all Friedman students.  Due to constraints within our editorial calendar, we may delay publishing a submission if we deem it appropriate for a future issue. The Friedman Sprout typically plans issues one month in advance of publication.

The Friedman Sprout solicits articles by reaching out through email and social media channels. All deadlines for the editorial and publication process are made available at the beginning of every month prior to publication. Students then submit a topic suggestion within the first week. The Friedman Sprout aims to provide topic feedback to every potential writer within one day of the topic submission deadline in order to guide the research and writing process in a clear direction.

First drafts of articles are typically due mid-month and are then edited by the co-editors and passed along to one peer writer for further edits and comments. Once the articles are returned to the author, they typically have about one week to submit their final draft.

Guidelines for Completed Articles
The Friedman Sprout encourages articles on a range of topics within food policy, food, agriculture, nutrition, physical activity, or health.

We acknowledge that students are doing a vast array of different projects for various classes, and we encourage students to draw on their research for Sprout articles.  We would love to highlight your work, and share your knowledge with the Friedman community.

We accept a variety of formats, whether researched feature articles, Q-and-A interviews, listicles, or brief news briefs.  General length guidelines:

Research articles, feature articles: 1000-1200 words

News briefs, restaurant reviews, other articles: 500 – 800 words

We strongly encourage at least one accompanying photograph, table, graph, or illustration to increase visual appeal of the article.

With your article submission, we ask that you include a brief summary paragraph at the top of the article as well as a brief author bio as the end.

For all sources used in an article, we ask that authors include hyperlinks embedded within the story where relevant. Alternatively, if one or a few sources were used for a majority of the information, a link to those sources at the end of the article will suffice.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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